In a hurry? Try any one of these three Washes and you’ll be out in about 15 minutes with a sparkling clean vehicle!

Foam Wash $14.99
Elite Wash $19.99
Ultimate Wash $23.99


• Interior vacuum
• Towel drying
• Dash and console
..... damp wiped
• Windows cleaned
..... inside and out
• Tire dressing

Includes all of the
Foam Wash elements plus:

• Polish Shine
• Blue Coral Poly Sealant
• Wheel Bright treatment
• Rubber molding dressing
• Air fragrance

Includes all of the
Foam Wash elements plus:

• Blue Coral Rainbow
......Triple Coat paint protection
• Blue Coral Clear Coat protectant
• Wheel Bright treatment
• Rubber molding dressing
• Undercarriage flush
• White walls
• Rust inhibitor
• Air fragrance
* For any 4x4s, vans or SUVs, an additional charge will apply.

Looking for that “showroom new” shine? Try one of these express detail services. Each service is $39.99 (includes wash) for most standard cars. Mini-vans and SUVs are $49.99, and Suburbans, Expeditions and full-size vans are $59.99. Each service takes about 15 minutes after the wash.

Express Shine – All exterior painted surfaces are polished and waxed with a one-step cleaner/wax, leaving a deep, high-gloss shine. This carnuba wax is applied by hand and guaranteed to last 3 months. Not recommended for oxidized finishes.

Carpet Express – Carpets are pre-treated with a cleaning solution and special spot removers, and then cleaned using a commercial hot water carpet extraction machine.

Interior Super Clean – All interior plastic, viny and leather are cleaned and conditioned with a one-step product. All vents, crevices and hart-to-reach places are blown out with compressed air. Finally, the car is thoroughly vacuumed using a special crevice tool.

Seat Express – Cloth seats are pre-treated with a cleaningsolution and special spot removers, then cleaned with a hot water commercial extraction machine. Leather seats are cleaned with a special leather cleaner and then dressed with a protectant

Blue Coral Atomized spray wax can also be purchased separately for $12.99

(Logo) Rain-X cleans and waxes your windshield

(Logo) Black Magic is one of the finest tire dressing made today and makes your tires shine!

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