Here’s a new take on the time honored “car wash fundraiser”—let Sponges wash the cars while you tally up the donations! Sponges’ innovative “Share the Profits” program may be the easiest and most profitable fundraising effort your non-profit organization has ever tried.

It’s very simple…Sponges supplies you with customized coupons for a Sponges Foam Wash ($14.99 value), imprinted with your organization’s name or promotion. Sell as many coupons as you can, and your organization keeps 50%
of the profit, after production costs for the coupons.


• School Education Fund Committees and PTAs

• Community Organizations

• Churches

• Local Service Clubs

• Athletic Teams

• Any Non-Profit Organization


• Raise large sums of money quickly

• There’s nothing to buy, no advance payments, and no goods that need to be stored or that can spoil

• No time-consuming order taking or call backs to deliver merchandise

• You’ll be offering a quality product with a real value from a well established business in our community

Sponges “Share the Profits” Program has environmental benefits as well. Most fundraiser car washes are held in parking lots, which are not designed to collect pollutants washed off cars. Pollution generated from parking lot car washes goes down the city’s storm drains—straight into rivers and streams and eventually into the Bay. On the other hand, Sponges Car Wash reclaims, filters and reuses wash water, then disposes of any excess water into the sewer system where it can
be properly treated.
First, decide on the length of your selling period and estimate how many $14.99 wash coupons you can sell in that time frame. Sponges Foam Wash coupons will then be custom printed with the name and logo of your organization. Sell as many as you can, and at the end of your designated sale period simply return
any unsold coupons and pay for only half of the retail price for each coupon sold, plus the coupon production charges shown below:

Number of Tickets
Production Cost
Your Profit
  • Set the dates for your fundraising program.
  • Decide how many coupons you think your organization will need.
  • Complete the Online Fundraising Application, or email Carol Mascali at
  • Sign the Sponges Car Wash Fundraising Contract.
  • Sell, sell, sell!

Sponges is also an active and involved member of the San Ramon Valley community. “We believe in giving back to our community,” explains Jack. In addition to being a longtime supporter of San Ramon Little League,
E-Script and the Make-a-Wish Foundation, in May of 2003, Sponges launched a long-term major fundraiser for local schools.
In the “Sponges For Education” program, the carwash donates a percentage of sales to the SRVEF when customers show the
Sponges Donation Card available at Sponges and at the local schools.


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