Sponges Detailing Department offers quality auto detailing services, using the latest in technology and equipment. Whether you want to protect your new car’s finish, make an older car attractive for sale, or just bring a neglected car some attention, our professional-trained staff is here to serve your needs.

Meguiar's Ultimate Detail $249
(+$30 mid size vans and suvs, +$50 large vans and suvs)
A superior interior and exterior detail, using quality Meguiar's products
Meguiar's Detailing Clay hand-applied to remove bonded contaminants
Meguiar's Swirl-Free Polish used to create a brilliant high gloss
3 Meguiar's Polymer Sealant applied for ultimate protection
4 Wheels cleaned with Meguiar's Wheel Brightener
5 Tires treated with Meguiar's Tire Dressing for rich black appearance
6 Wheel wells cleaned with high-pressure wash
7 Carpets, mats, upholstery and trim steam cleaned
8 Interior leather cleaned and conditioned with Meguiar's Rich Leather Cleaner/Conditioner
9 Interior vinyl treated with Meguiar's Vinyl Cleaner/Conditioner
10 Trunk area cleaned and shampooed ¥ Meguiar's Odor Eliminator used to permanently eliminate most interior odors

Elite Detail $179
(+$40 mid-size vans and SUVs, $50 large vans and SUVs) 
Complete interior and exterior detail
Ultimate car wash, Paint polished to a high-gloss finish, High-shine wax applied
2 Wheels and tires cleaned
3 Tires and moldings cleaned and dressed
4 Wheel wells cleaned
5 Carpets, mats, upholstery and trim steam cleaned
6 Interior leather and vinyl cleaned and dressed

Exterior Detail $95
(+$24 mid-size vans and suvs +40 mid-size vans and suvs)
Ultimate car wash
Polish paint to a high-gloss finish
Blue Coral Wax applied

• Wheels cleaned; tires cleaned and dressed; wheel wells cleaned with high-pressure wash; moldings cleaned and dressed;

Interior Detail $95
(+$24 mid-size vans and suvs +$40 large vans and suvs)
  • Clean upholstery
• Sha
mpoo all carpets and mats
• Dress interior vinyl
• Clean and dress interior leather
• Door jambs cleaned
• Vents cleaned
• Consoles a
nd dashboard cleaned

A La Carte –
Exterior Services:
Side hand wash starting at
Paint overspray removal
Paint sealant
Remove contaminants with
hand clay treatment
starting $25
by estimate
starting at $129.99
starting at $49.99
Interior Services:

Carpet Shampoo
Upholstery Shampoo
Fabric Protectant
(Carpet or upholstery)
Leather cleaned/dressed
Leather conditioner
trunk shampoo
Meguiar's odor eliminator

starting at $39.99
starting at $39.99
starting at $24.99

starting at $39.99
starting at $19.99
Extra Services:
Wheel wells cleaned and painted
Convertible top protectant
Paint overspray removal
Paint touch up
Bumper repair and paint
Leather dying
Carpet dying
Windshield chip/crack repair
Paintless dent repair
Wheel polishing
and protectant
Tree sap removal
Boats, RVs and motorcycles

starting at $49.99
by estimate
by estimate
by estimate
by estimate
by estimate
by estimate
by estimate
by estimate
by estimate
by estimate
by estimate
by estimate

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